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Security Solutions offers long-term connection

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Security Solutions is revolutionising cable connections with the availability of a new, ultra-reliable compression-fit male BNC connector, offering an unprecedented combination of cost-effectiveness and durability.

Designed for use with RG59 / URM70 or equivalent coaxial cables, the connector has a brass reducing pin and brass/nickel housing to give a thoroughly secure and dependable connection to devices whose long-term continued performance is vital, such as CCTV cameras and DVRs.

Whilst compression fitting is not a totally new method of joining cable and connector, Security Solutions believes this is the first male BNC plug on the market with this feature, which provides the most secure and reliable cable connection. Quick and easy to fit, they help save valuable installation time and are no more expensive than other forms of connectors, thus representing a truly cost-effective solution.

Complementing the connectors, an adjustable compression tool for speedy fitting is also available.

For further information please contact:

Pete French, Marketing Department, Security Solutions Europe

Tel: 01604 664572 e-mail: